Monday, 22 September 2008

Why Michelangelo is a prat

It has just been announced on BBCOnline that Michelangelo’s famous statue of the boy-warrior David is in danger of collapse. The Beeb reports that so called ‘Italian experts’ blame this on its exposure to ‘mass tourism’. However, due to other evidence cited in the article is becomes clear that size, shape and the weakness of the original block of marble are to blame. Weakness of the marble?! How the hell is Michelangelo’s inability to pick a decent lump of rock directly correlated to the amount of punters that travel to Italy daily to visit this immense piece of art?

If anyone has been to an art museum anywhere in the world then they will probably have noticed that you can’t usually touch the laser-alarm covered statues for fear of damage. Most museums keep them in special temperature controlled environments and aside from the occasional rogue photographers flashing away are kept in amazingly good condition. If this is the case then how by Da Vinci’s beard can the culture seeking public be blamed? Surely the fault lies with the museum curators and with Michelangelo himself for choosing faulty marble!

But bearing in mind that the old Italian did pick a shoddy rock, it really isn't much of an insult seeing as it has lasted over 500 years against the relative elements and only now is about to collapse.

So stop scaremongering. Culture is a gift to the world and should be experienced by all, the public can’t be chastised for being ignorant of the human race’s past achievements one minute and then blamed for its destruction at the same time. Blame the curators, not the people.


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